Spot on Mali Music

The festival was initiated by Moussa Diallo and Keld Hosbond (international coordinator for the conservatory in Århus, Denmark) with the support of the Danish Center for Culture and Development and the Danish Embassy. It had its seventh edition in January 2020. The idea of the initiative is to promote well known Malian artists as well as less known ones through a music festival. promoters from abroad are invited to discover the treasures of West African Music. Students from CAMM (the conservatory in Bamako) and INA (Institut National Des Arts) are also given an opportunity to present a lineup of students to perform at each festival, giving them a chance to connect and get more experience by performing alongside well-known artists from the Malian diaspora. Each festival has been largely covered by local media and television. Spot on Mali Music continuously promotes Malian artists through their website and facebook page, giving them an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. Some of the performing artists have had success connecting to promoters and were given the chance to tour and do workshops abroad.


The Rainbow Project / Arc en Ciel

A cultural and educational project targeting schools in Mali.

The aim of this project is to create awareness on social, cultural and educational issues encountered by students, especially girls, in the schools in Mali today. The aim of Arc en Ciel is to educate and inspire the young, and equally to promote music, theatre, storytelling and
dance, giving the youth an opportunity to develop artistically and to create social awareness.

​Watch a video on the project HERE. Also, see the full project description HERE.