CD cover: Moussa Diallo RETROSPECTIVE

Retrospective (2006)

Moussa Diallo compilation album released October 2006.

Track listing

  1. What We Are (We Are the Same) - from Diallo (new version 2006)
  2. In Time - from Diallo
  3. Thoughts of You - from Diallo
  4. W.P.A. - from Amora
  5. Wanna Be Dancing - from Amora
  6. Memories - from Amora
  7. November - from Amora (new version 2006)
  8. Listen Amora - from Amora
  9. Ma Kana Kasi - from The Kékéliba Project
  10. Koulékan - from The Kékéliba Project
  11. Kinkéliba (live) - from Live At Copenhagen Jazzhouse
  12. Lumumba (live) - from Live At Copenhagen Jazzhouse
  13. Don Duma - from The Kékéliba Project
  14. I Bolo Do Bolo (live) - from Live At Copenhagen Jazzhouse
  15. Maninda - from Chiwara - Tales
  16. Son I Pan - from Chiwara - Tales
  17. Farako - from Chiwara - Tales
  18. The Wicked Stepmother - from Once Upon A Time (greek version!)

All songs written by Moussa Diallo


For the musician line up please follow the links to the original releases.

Mastering: Johnny Stage

Thanks to all the musicians for all the years. To my family and fans. I love you all very much.

Thank you to Ken Gudman Mindefond for the acknowledgement, Esben Just for your hard work - ‘Peace in the Valley’, DJBFA, Dansk Artist Forbund, KODA and WMD for your support, Åge Jensen, Pierre/GL Basses and the staff at Sundance, Peter Fröhlich for making the cover and Christoffer Askman for the photo.

May music, friendship and love keep us united always.

With love,


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