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Reflections (2005)

Four compositions by Moussa Diallo with prominent guest artists. Traditional Mali sounds mixed with indian voices and border breaking electronic music. The compositions were made for an art exhibition of the same name.

An exhibition with four artists, one musician, and one author: Linda Lildholdt, Malene Schjøll, Lars Johan Eslau Larsen, Lotte Holten, Moussa Diallo, Gurli Gottlieb, Karen Kitani, and Pia Tafdrup.


Spejlinger' (Reflections) Exhibition. Moussa Diallo with painter Lotte Holten and author Pia Tafdrup.


Moussa Diallo performing with Palle Mikkelborg.

Track listing

  1. A weightless Escape (12:36)
  2. A Drop Catches The Light (8:11)
  3. A Mighty Well (13:48)
  4. A Black And White Picture Full Of Colour (15:38)


Moussa Diallo - div. instruments and vocals
Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet and keyboards
Mikkel Nordsø - guitar
Anders P Jensen - piano and keyboards
Jens Runge - koto
Jesper Nordenström - keyboards
Jacob Andersen - percussion
Luluk Purwanto - violin
Kary Coulibaly - balafon
Mamadou Diallo - flute
Lalita Marthur - vocal, tampura
Mambir Singh Sawmey - tablas
Boubacar Diabeté - tama
Johnny Stage - tape effects and Pro Tools wizard

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