Out Of Tune

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Out Of Tune (2008)

Many of these tunes were ideas, grooves and lyrics I had lying around, some as far back as the nineties. I never finished working on them, as I started a musical journey back to my African roots in Mali. But now and again I would stumble over these old tunes, and I couldn't abandon them. Finally, I set my mind on taking them out of the drawer and finishing them.

Track listing

  1. Juju Dancing
  2. Higher Meaning
  3. Usual Life
  4. U Are Heaven
  5. Wanna Tell You Something
  6. Walking
  7. Wait Here In The Dark
  8. My Supa Supa
  9. Raise The Roof
  10. Songs Out Of Tune
  11. Zanzibar

Music and lyrics by Moussa Diallo

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Featuring: Moussa Diallo, Klaus Menzer, Mikkel Nordsø, Johnny Stage, Palle Hjort, Raul Rekow, Hans Nybo, Ketil Duckert, Susanne Ørum, Anne Murillo, Lelo Nika, Thomas Ulstrup, Maxi Anderson, Mona Lisa, Carmen Twillie, Ayi Solomon, Sylvester Agbedoglo and Kenni Andy.

Horn arrangements by Hans Nybo and Ketil Duckert, except on Wait Here In The Dark, My Supa Supa and Zanzibar arranged by Moussa Diallo.

Mixed by Johnny Stage and Moussa Diallo
Mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London
Produced by Moussa Diallo and Johnny Stage, except Out Of Tune produced with Thomas Li

Dansk  English