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Chiwara (2002)

This album won , "Album of the year" at the Danish World Music Awards 2003.

Track listing

  1. Maninda - the storyteller's song
  2. Djinéman - the brave hunter and the witch
  3. Son i pan - the game of the antelopes
  4. Farako - the man who did not want to share
  5. Bakoroni - the goats' nightmare
  6. N'kou bichiki - the orphan and the genie
  7. Goudrouni - the couragous mouse
  8. Ata yoli yoli - the frog's and the lizard's dispute
  9. Sida - the shadow of death

All songs written, composed and produced by Moussa Diallo.
Co-produced by Johnny Stage
Recorded at Diallo Records (Copenhagen), Generator and at different locations in Mali.

Moussa says...

"On this album I am closely working with traditional musicians from Mali. The interaction between the n’goni, balafon, kora and tama is weaving a captivating musical landscape reflecting the rich musical heritage of Mali. This CD was recorded with a lot of spontaneity. Later I added more vocals and played on some of the many instruments I brought from Mali. I recorded the music with simple means and little manipulation, because I wanted to keep an earthy sound. I liked the feeling of having the music not too clean.

Most songs are related to tales my father used to tell us, when we were children. We used to gather around him while he was acting out the stories and singing to us. Fascinated, we were drawn into a magical world of adventures. Even as grown ups, until his passing away in 2001, we would still use any opportunity to listen to his storytelling. I’m hoping to be able to carry on this beautiful tradition of Malian storytelling to a new audience and share those moments with young and old."


Basiru Suso, Malick Jagne, Adama Cissé, Marcia Coleman, Sayon Sissoko, Faséri Diabaté, Bako Coulibaly, Naini Koné, Djouma Koné, Djourou Diallo, Ayi Solomon, Tchitchine Diarra, Kibili Demba Diallo, Mamadou Diabaté, Ibrahima Tioroba, Mama Kouyaté.

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