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Amora (1997)

A funky album featuring a long list of great musicians like guitarist Aske Jacoby (DK) and keyboard players Jesper Nordenström (Sweden) and Anders P. Jensen (DK). On drums are Klaus Menzer (DK) and Darren Ibrahams (UK). Singer Lalita Marthur from India is featured on the song "Cold", also playing the tanpura. From USA are the singers Maxi Anderson, Mona Lisa, Carmen Twillie and Terry Young who have worked with artists like Michael Jackson, Elton John and Danish singer Hanne Boel.

Track listing

  1. W.P.A. (World Peace Achieved)
  2. Cold
  3. Wanna Be Dancing
  4. Darling
  5. I Wanna Shower You
  6. Mama Why Is
  7. Memories
  8. Play Words
  9. We Can Do It
  10. You Made Me Happy
  11. November
  12. Smile Me Up
  13. Listen Amora

All songs written, composed and produced by Moussa Diallo.


Vergi Katalan, Terry Young, Susanne Carstensen, Peter M. Jensen, Klaus Menzer, Jesper Nordenström, Aske Jacoby, Jacob Andersen, Eva Malling, Lalita Marthur, Mambir Singh Sawhney, Jens Runge, Peter M. Jensen, Maxi Anderson, Mona Lisa, Carmen Twillie, "Mamma" Keita, Manian Damba, Ole Himmelstrup, Darren Ibrahams, Harauna Doumbia, Bougouni, Jan Steen Andersen, Jonas Krag, Sam Adou, Biboul Darouiche.

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