Acoustic Groove

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Acoustic Groove (2008)

This CD is a mix of an acoustic version of some tunes from the Kékéliba Project" and new songs. The CD was released in Denmark, France and the UK.

Track listing

  1. Sabou Njuman
  2. I Sintéliya
  3. A Laséma
  4. Kinkéliba
  5. Kana Kasi
  6. Ni Ya Yé
  7. I Bolo Do Bolo
  8. Maninda (Dongili Dalaw)
  9. Kanata Kanto
  10. Na Son Siranina
  11. Don Duma
  12. Koulékan
  13. Fatokè
  14. Bè Kana
  15. Djuru Ban Bèla
  16. Yeelen

Music and lyrics by Moussa Diallo

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Line up

Moussa Diallo
Mikkel Nordsø
Dawda Jobarteh
Salieu Dibba

Also featuring Ayi Solomon on Ni Ya Yé.

Mixed by Johnny Stage and Moussa Diallo
Mastered by Johnny Stage
Produced by Moussa Diallo

Review: "an absolute must"

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