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June 8th, 2005


Sølund Musikfestival, Skanderborg, Dennmark
Hanne Boel (16:00)

June 4th, 2005


Molde Centrum, Molde, Norway
Hanne Boel (20:00)

May 28th, 2005


Jelling Musikfestival, Denmark
16:20 Hanne Boel – 17:45 Savage Rose

May 27th, 2005


Grenå Kulturhus, Grenå, Denmark
Savage Rose (20:00)

April 30th, 2005


Dexter Jazzclub, Odense, Denmark
Moussa Diallo Quintet

April 29th, 2005


Harder, Svendborg, Denmark
Moussa Diallo Quintet

April 28th, 2005


Kulturhuset, Pavilionnen, Grenå, Denmark
Moussa Diallo Quintet

April 15th, 2005


Amager Bio, København, Denmark
Moussa Diallo Guintet – feat. Mikkel Nordsø

April 3rd, 2005


Etnorama, København, Denmark
Moussa Diallo Quintet – feat. Mikkel Nordsø

March 13th, 2005


Skråen, Ålborg, Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 12th, 2005


Kulturhuset Pavillionen, Grenå, Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 11th, 2005


Hallen, Roskilde, Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 10th, 2005


Musikhuset, Slagelse, Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 9th, 2005


Vershuset, Næstved, Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 6th, 2005


Train; Århus , Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 5th, 2005


Magasinet, Odense , Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 4th, 2005


Portalen, Greve, Denmark, Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 3rd, 2005


Viften, Rødovre, Denmark
Hanne Boel

March 2nd, 2005


Baltoppen, Ballerup, Denmark
Hanne Boel

February 27th, 2005


Trommen, Hørsholm, Denmark
Hanne Boel

February 26th, 2005


Gjethuset, Frederiksværk, Denmark
Hanne Boel

February 25th, 2005


Det Musiske Hus, Frederiskhavn, Denmark
Hanne Boel

February 24th, 2005


Teater, Skive, Denmark
Hanne Boel

February 23rd, 2005


Torvehallerne, Vejle, Denmark
Hanne Boel

February 22nd, 2005


Støberihallen, Hillerød, Denmark
Hanne Boel

February 19th, 2005


Kulturhus, Sandnes, Norway
Hanne Boel

February 18th, 2005


Byscenen, Haugesund, Norway
Hanne Boel

February 16th, 2005


Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway
Hanne Boel

February 15th, 2005


Bærum Kulturhus, Sandvika, Norway
Hanne Boel

February 14th, 2005


Parkteatret, Moss, Norway
Hanne Boel

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