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The press conference held on January 9 in Bamako was a great success. It was covered live on National TV, ORTM and was broadcasted in the several languages spoken in Mali. Journalists from leading newspapers and radios attended the press conference. All attending journalists wrote articles and broadcasted the project and related interviews on the respective radios several times. During the whole duration of the project, excerpts of the press conference were re-broadcasted on tv and radio. National TV covered the project at 3 occasions, the press conference, a prime time presentation of the project on 'Samedi Loisir' and the coverage of the final performances.

On January 13, my wife and I were received by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Mali, Mr. Amadou Toumani Touré at the Presidential Palace at Kouluba. During the 30 minutes meeting he expressed his appreciation of the Danish Malian relations and was glad to hear of my personal involvement in the cultural sector including the Arc-en Ciel project. He personally asked his Chief of Staff to inform several ministers about the project.

Koumba Yaressi, the representative of the Minister of Education, was a great supporter of the project. She attended two of the regional performances, the final performance in Bamako and also took part in the presentation on 'Samedi Loisir' on National TV. She expressed her enthusiasm to continue the projects in schools in Mali in the future.
All in all, we had an amazing response from everyone in the press.

The performances where highly attended. Some of the venues were so crowded that hundreds of people could not come in. We roughly estimate that the over all attendance was over 5000 people. Needless to say that this was a great success.

Moussa Diallo from Denmark was the initiator, coordinator and advisor to the project. Around 20 people from the organization DORE coordinated the events, coached teachers and students and organized the events. From each of the 25 participating schools there were 10 students plus stand ins, several teachers, school principals, musicians, costume and stage designers, regional representatives from the educational sectors (CAP). All involved showed great enthusiasm and commitment to the project.

The success of the project was an overwhelming experience. The involvement and commitment of the children, the school mates, their families, the teachers, the principals, the regional educational centers (CAP), the press, the Ministry of Education represented by Mme. Koumba Yaressi and Mme Astou Konaré Drame (Cauris Edition) besides others, was exceptional.

Present at the finals were the Ombudsman of the Republic Mme. M'bam Diarra, Koumba Yaressi, representatives of the ministries of education, sports, communications and new technologies and culture. Present were also representatives of the Danish Embassy, the national tv, , FEDAMA (federation of artists in Mali), INA (National Arts Institute), CAP (School Academic Centres), and more.

The feed back from the different schools was very positive. Over all it was expressed that the project had a positive impact on the students and even the teachers. It boosted the morale in the schools and the willingness to improve in studies and attendance in schools. Some educators expressed their appreciation towards the outcome of the project and gave examples of the scholastic improvement of students who had lost interest in school work and were receiving bad grades before the project started. These same students were motivated to attend school again and their grades improved significantly during the process.

Some teachers also expressed their thankfulness that their had reignited their spirit to write plays for the school and to start cultural activities in the schools.

The collaboration with DORE was very satisfactory. So was the collaboration with the different entities involved in the project.

Project description

1st mission. May 2009

This application ( Moussa Diallo)comprises a fact-finding mission for the ‘Rainbow Caravan Project’. The purpose is to identify places and musicians to join the Project and to address relevant authorities and institutions (such as schools, musicians organisations and academies of music, etc) A detailed plan for the Project will be elaborated after the mission, which hereafter will be worked into an overall application.

Project description:

'Arc en Ciel' (Rainbow in french) is a cultural and educational project targeting schools in Mali. The Rainbow project was initiated by Moussa Diallo and was approved by DCCD ( the Danish Center for Culture and Development) and the Danish Royal Embassy. The project is now being implemented.

The aim of this project is to create awareness on social, cultural and educational issues encountered by students, especially girls, in the schools in Mali today. The aim of Arc en Ciel is to educate and inspire the young and equally to promote music, theater, storytelling and dance, giving the youth an opportunity to develop artistically and to create social awareness.

The project will be run by Dore (Donner et Recevoir), an association of arts educators and artists from Institut National des Arts in Bamako and will be overseen by Moussa Diallo.

The first phase of the project will mobilize 25 schools in the regions of Bamako Rive Gauche, Bamako Rive Droite, Kati, Koulikoro and Segou. Every school will work on putting up a performance based on a chosen theme concerning above mentioned issues. Dore will train and assist two teachers from each region during July and August. Thereafter Dore and the regional teachers will assist the schools in the production of the performances from October until December.

In January 2010 the students will perform in their respective schools and the best performance of each region will be chosen for the final performance. On February 20th 2010 the five finalists will perform at Maison des Jeunes in Bamako, competing for the best three.

The second phase of the project will mobilize 25 schools in the regions of Sikasso, Mopti, Koutiala, Bandiagara and Timbuktu during the period of 2010 - 2011.

Teachers, youth and children will all be actively involved in the process of creating this cultural event, which will also be of benefit to the local community.

Detailed Project description

A. Objectives

The overall objective for the whole project is to produce, develop and facilitate cultural and artistic performances in schools. There is a need to train local teachers with simple methods to create a cultural platform that stimulates children to be creative.

The project aims to promote live performances in all artistic forms in schools, to organize competitions as storytelling and theater to highlight some of the issues encountered by children and youth.

Many young people leave school early and attempt to immigrate abroad, especially to Europe, because of lack of opportunity in Mali. Giving the young the opportunity to develop their talents and creating platforms to perform, they are more likely to finish their education.

Activities & Chronological timeline

In May 2009 Moussa Diallo was in Mali to put together a team of teachers and artists to implement the ‘Arc en Ciel’ project. Moussa Diallo and Dore wrote a detailed presentation of ‘Arc en Ciel’ in French, incl. a budget and official letters to the different authorities (the Minister of Education, the Minister of Culture, the heads of the school districts involved).

We have already received very positive feedback and approval from most of the school districts concerned.

A website of Dore with a detailed description of 'Arc en Ciel' is being made and will be kept up to date during the course of the project. There will also be information and dates of the different performances, photos, etc.

July - August 2009

The first phase of the project will mobilize 25 schools in the regions of Bamako Rive Gauche, Bamako Rive Droite, Kati, Koulikoro and Segou. Every school will work on putting up a performance based on a chosen theme concerning above mentioned issues.

Dore will train two teachers from each region in preparation for the second phase.

October - December 2009

The second phase will involve the students, who will rehearse 3 times per week in their respective schools.

Dore and the trained regional teachers will assist the schools during the rehearsals and in the production of the performances.

In december Moussa Diallo will be in Mali to oversee the final rehearsals, the logistics, the printing of PR material. Local and national radios, as well as national TV will be approached to cover the events. Moussa and Dore will also approach the different NGO’s who work with children for their support. Invitations for the final performance will be sent to government officials, embassies, NGO’s, newspapers etc.

January - February 2010

From January 11 until February 12 each of the 25 schools will perform on a different day. Local radio and press will advertise for each of the performances and a committee of judges from Dore will evaluate the shows and choose the best of each region for the final.

The final will take place at Maison des Jeunes in Bamako on February 20 with full press coverage.


Arc en Ciel project is to encourage and ensure that artistic activities can be implemented in schools in Mali. Mali has a rich cultural heritage, which needs to be kept alive and vibrant in the younger generation. In creating these activities, we can nurture creativity and help prevent dropping out of school and immigration.

Implementation strategy

After the first phase of the project in 2009-2010 an evaluation will be made before preparing for the second phase in 2010-2011. The aim is to see this project evolve and to become part of the school curriculum all over Mali.


From the positive feedback we have already received from the heads of regional school districts, we deeply believe that this project is of great importance, as there is a cultural gap that needs to be filled in the curriculum. We hope that the government and some NGO's will take interest in sustaining the 'Arc en Ciel' project, so that all schools in Mali can have the same opportunities.

Background of Applicant

Moussa Diallo is a renowned artist (bass player, singer, composer and storyteller) from Denmark with roots in Mali. He is known for building 'cultural bridges' between Africa and Scandinavia. For the last decade Moussa has been helping Malian artists and students from INA and Bamako Music Conservatory by donating instruments and creating contacts. A small studio and instruments were donated to Dore by a private sponsor to help the students from INA record and promote their music. Instruments were also given to the conservatory through Moussa. With the help of CKU and LMS several Malian artists have been touring with Moussa in Denmark, thus creating job opportunities.

Moussa Diallo's partners in 'Arc en Ciel' are all well respected artists and Fine Arts teachers from Institut Nationale des Arts (INA) in Bamako who have formed the organization Dore. Dore (Donner et Recevoir) means give and receive.

Coorporation Partners

Dore, the Malian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, NGO's and possibly foreign embassies in Mali.

Division of responsibility Dore will be implementing the program with the assistance of local school authorities. Moussa Diallo and CKU will be overseeing and advising.

Information & PR Posters, flyers and a website will be made

Documentation Radio, TV, newspapers, website

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